Behold tech geniuses, stand up for Funsol tech we won Sustainable Growth Award 2022. Teamwork hard work dedication all these elements give in the result to this achievement.

Funsol technologies was overwhelmed by googles invite to App Summit 2022 Singapore. The event took place in November 2022 where all the APAC region panelist and publishers were invited specifically Pakistan and Vietnam representatives. Happily hosted event by Google after the covid pandemic it was a great opportunity for App Growth Experts across the APAC Region to tell about their work and to grow more by knowing what others are working on.

    The core moto of the summit was to share the tips for mobile app growth strategies with each other from across cultures. Not only how to grow but also share experiences regarding what challenges they faced and what tactics they applied to overcome them. For which multiple panel discussions, in depth sessions, interactive lectures and games were designed.

    Uniqueness regarding the speakers was that they were carefully analyzed and handpicked by a team of experts. As the moto was to bring in innovative content which is crore purpose of design is to grab attention of more users which not only fall once but stay loyal committed to our company. Grow along with us as we grow throughout the years to come.

    Basic purpose of the app summit is to increase networking of different companies from across the globe so that one can know where they stand, where they lag or where they are ahead of others. All the guests where personals with unique backgrounds and expertizes in their field. Have top technical knowledge in their field of expertise and not only have the knowledge but also the skills to apply that knowledge to help grow and prosper. Google not only arranged a panel and discussion sessions but also had a lot of fun interacted games and activities to better know about others and about the worth of your company.

    Day 1 was a panel discussion on 2 case studies related to the advance tools used for product management. Case studies are a very unique way of interaction when it comes to discussion as we have a open discussion on ideas and experiences exchange by telling each other what tools and languages we are working on. What growth this discussion provides is that we can better know where we require more growth.

    Day 2 was the App Development session which had the Award ceremony as well, 6 nominations were already given in to all the companies and Funsol nominated itself for the Sustainable Growth Category and won it, which was a great achievement for the entire company. Funsol has no doubt grown over the years as the users have been increased and the team overall growth has been a big boost snice the last 2019 App Summit. Sustainable Growth not only means growth in the company rating but a number of factors are kept in mind like the apps made by Funsol Install Volume has increased.

    Funsol also made sure to make their networking strong with the google team by handing them a few souvenirs to APAC region managerial level personals. This not only increases networking but also creates a good positive impact as we are presenting are company as a whole.

    Sustainable growth award not only makes worth of the company but also helps in having a ranking name along with the Google executive support team which helps us keeping an update on the new tech trends in the tech industry and helps us grow to achieve more. Funsol has always focused on learning and growth which can only be possible if the doors for opportunities are always open for fresh ideas.