Google’s SEA Playtime 2019 like other Playtime events was an invitation-based event. Google has invited the top developers of apps and games and other special guests across South East Asia at Singapore Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay on the 13th of December, 2019. They have discussed the latest features and best practices that can grow the business of developers up to the next level, and guide them a way to innovate on Android system and Google Play store. Furthermore, they have arranged one-on-one meetings of Asia’s top developers with Google product managers and experts, and enlighten them with latest technologies and gave their demos.

The agenda of the event was based on the analysis of top games and apps. The whole event was based on 12 sessions, out of which there were 3 sessions on apps and 3 on games both taking place at the same time side by side.

The important points that were discussed by Ka Kui Cheng Ye – Games Growth Consultant (Google), Sharan Tulsiani – Business Development Manager (Google Play Apps and Games), Isaac Pinnock (Co-founder and Partner) with Micha Nicheva (Product and Service Designer) of Made by Many, Adam Carpenter – Head, Developer Business Growth (Google Play), Kanan Rai – Business Development Manager (Google Play Apps and Games) with John Mathew – CEO of Riafy Technologies and Kai Herng Loh – Head of Duolingo (China), Vineet Tanwar – Business Development Manager (Google Play Apps and Games) as a part of SEA Playtime 2019 agenda were the following:

  1. Apps:
  • Identified underlying patterns of top apps on Google Play across key areas of the user funnel.
  • Meaningful engagement of mobile apps users can only be achieved by designing apps around people’s lives to unlock sustainable growth, which has been proved by the latest research on US, UK and South Korea users.
  • Know how to effectively prioritize A/B testing roadmap by following proper scientific research method.
  1. Games:
  • Displayed valuable insights on existing players’ gaming behaviors n the basis of affinity analysis, so that gamers can make more mature informed decisions about games production and genre.
  • Identified the increasing player populations and their likings.
  • Subscriptions is found the most applicable monetization model in the recent years for the monetization of games.

Invited Developers:

In this SEA Playtime 2019 event the developers were invited from Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Middle Eastern countries. Pakistan has been identified as the second largest Google Play market after Vietnam in the event. The top developers that have participated from Pakistan were 5 in number, i.e., from Funsol Technologies, 9D Technologies, Game Wing, Hazel Mobiles and GSS. We the participants of Funsol Technologies were invited by Harry Tan – Growth Manager, AppDev Google Customer Solutions, Singapore, and we are really thankful to Google Play and Playtime team who gave us the opportunity to attend the highly informative and wonderful 2019s SEA Playtime even

Venue of SEA Playtime 2019:

The venue of SEA Playtime 2019 was Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, which is horticulture-themed leisure destination in the heart of city. It is the world of the plants in itself, as it stretches across 101 hectares of reclaimed/cultivated land in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir.  Moreover/However, the park is surrounded by the three beautiful waterfront gardens/ has three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.

SEA Playtime 2019 was although an event of a day, but it carries a year within itself when it comes to infotainment and networking, which we have experienced in a day. Our experience at SEA Playtime event was immeasurable and highly exciting, which cannot be described in words. Thank you, Google Play, Team Playtime 2019 and everyone who has made our SEA Playtime 2019 event unforgettable.