App Marketing

App marketing is basically the promotion of mobile applications to earn users’ loyalty through their app engagement and retention. App store optimization (ASO) is one of the important mobile application marketing technique to rank any mobile application higher on app stores. It is a practical technique used for mobile applications optimization. When any application is optimized, it becomes more visible to the potential customers. When it becomes more visible to the potential customers. More traffic is tending to be drawn towards it, and there is the possibility of increase in the number of app downloads. Thus, ending up in the higher volume of revenue.

Funsol Technologies practice highly furnished ASO techniques, which in turn place us in the list of front runner ASO promoters in IT.

The Funsol Group has tested and tried many other new approaches and techniques for its own apps marketing other than ASO. Now after a long test and trial experience Funsol is ready to provide its app marketing services to other mobile application developers as an expert app marketer.